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Ritabeads is a manufacturers and retailer of Glass Beads & Fashion Jewellery & Accessories started in year 2000 with its first store in dashaswamedh main road, varanasi and another store in 2004.
We also deal in  glass beads, Clay beads, wooden beads,  Brass beads, Aluminium beads, Copper beads, Resin beads, Ceramics stone beads, Horn beads, Bone beads, Semiprecious stones, Agate, Lac, Hand Painted Beads,etc.
Ritabeads started Designer jewels, customised jewels and accessories in 2006 where anyone can choose beads of their choices and their design will be made in less then 15 minutes on spot.
The store and business is managed by Rita Goswami Only
It’s not just business, it’s her passion.

We also facilitate our store online through our website and social media like  Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, Pinterest, google, online sites, etc
We believe in making our customers happy and they can contact us any way,
Many sent their outfits and ask to design special Jewell for it and we love to do it.

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+91 8840705651

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